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Everything has changed and we’ve only just begun.

their explanation Introducing HSI TrueTime … the key to timely, decision critical information. HSI TrueTime is unparalleled in the industry. Now, on-demand, vendor independent geosteering expertise is a reality.

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benfotiamine canada HSI TrueTime is key to timely, decision critical information. With a choice menu of drilling surveillance, optimization, and geosteering services, HSI TrueTime is unparalleled in the industry. Now, on-demand, vendor independent drilling surveillance and expertise are a reality … from the rig to anywhere … from pre-spud to completion. The net result? Safe, optimally engineered wells, reduced nonproductive time (NPT), fewer redrills and increased overall production from optimized wellbores, on target and in zone.

  • TrueTime data distribution and analysis
  • 24/7 remote operations center
  • Active navigation and geosteering
  • On-demand well optimization
  • Post well analysis
  • Reduce drilling uncertainty, risk and NPT
  • Instant exception alerts
  • Drilling operation activity reports

HSI’s TrueTime experts study critical historical log data, drilling event logs and vendor proposals to help derive a vendor neutral well plan geared to improve drilling performance, reduce drilling risk, increase overall production. Pre-spud review of drilling, reservoir and geologic data is also vital to allow mutual consideration of lease boundries, reservoir properties, geologic uncertainty and engineering risk. This knowledge is communicated to the TrueTime team for improved surveillance and early recognition of both drilling and geologic hazards.

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Top of the Line Data Monitoring

HSI TrueTime is committed to helping design the best well possible and supporting your well site team. To meet performance drilling objectives, HSI TrueTime incorporates experienced personnel, advanced processes, leading drilling technology, and advanced drilling software applications to produce higher rates of penetration, reduce risk, eliminate nonproductive time, and control overall drilling cost.

Horizontal Solutions International (HSI), is the first and most experienced leader in horizontal geosteering services. Our experts can help you navigate through complex geology and condently increase well production by reducing uncertainty and maximizing time in zone. True Stratigraphic Position (TSP) modeling is incorporated in our workows to interpret horizontal data and provide accurate stratigraphic and structural interpretation. Cloud based LatNavNet software provides data management and integration of TSP to condently guide wells to achieve maximum target zone penetration. These quantitative results save time, money and avoid costly errors. Leveraging HSI’s TrueTime data delivery, geonavigation specialists are now able to discern structural and stratigraphic anomalies as they are encountered, enabling faster highly informed steering adjustments.