buy cheap Keppra “This is probably one of the best steered wells I have ever seen. I am no expert, but I have been steering since 1994 (20 years) and the majority of the laterals (I have worked on) do not stay within an 8′ window like this one. Please do not retire soon – the oil and gas industry needs you!!!”

where to order Clomiphene online – TR, Crimson

“…I thought the work that you did was excellent. For me there are usually two types of geosteering, that which makes me shudder, and others that I wish I had done. Your work is clearly in the latter category.”

– JW, Petroedge

“This is very very cool! I have seen nothing like your service in my entire career… We did anticipate this fault, however we had not fine-tuned exactly where we would encounter it. VERY VERY COOL! This is when you really have to sum up your service with AWESOME!”

– KV, Harvest Operations

“I much prefer the HSI graphical representation in their reports as well as the geological input and advice from their consultants.”

– JS, Mgr XTO

“Thx HSI. We REALLY appreciate your hard work and lack of sleep on this one. Still can’t believe how quickly this one drilled! We can’t get these wells down without your help. I know you are not an employee but you’re a invaluable part of our team.”

– ST, Chief Opr

“I reviewed and monitored the horizontal activity during the early period of the Woodford play and the percent of lateral in zone when all operators were drilling just one well per section. Our company and those companies that used HSI geosteering were in zone a greater percentage than all other operators. These statistics where presented to the state board and when companies had to decide who would operate most deferred to our company because they knew the state had these stats.”


“Hi. all is well here…. have 6 wells successfully down and 5 to go. The average is 10,000 bopd. A bed boundary defining Resistivity tool is being used as well and in my opinion cannot add value to this operation where HSI’s software-Latnav does a very good job. I gave a talk on the subject of “Landing and Geo-steering Horizontal Wells ” using Latnav to our new advisors technology transfer agenda and was well received….”

– SM, Cairn

“HSI/Dwight did an excellent job on what turned out to be a very very difficult well.”

– DH, EnCana

“Thank you for all of your great work. I really appreciate all the help you and HSI provided to me. I’m pretty new to all of this and it was a wonderful comfort to see you both take time out of your day to share your knowledge with me. You were both prompt and courteous and that went a long way to help ease some of my nerves drilling my first horizontal shale well.”

– BB, Devon

“HSI/Bill has done a fine job. He has been very accommodating with my schedule. After the completion of this assignment, I would definitely like to continue working with him.”


“Thanks for your cheerful professionalism on this job. Hopefully I won’t keep you up half the night for the rest of the well.”

– Devon

“Wanted to let you know – HSI provided all GeoSteering services for our company in both the Marcellus and Barnett. Their service was impeccable. During my time in the Marcellus I witnessed other operators use inferior GeoSteering companies and (god forbid) mudlogging companies to provide this vital service. We would often reinterpret borehole position for our non-operated wells due to obvious gamma-signature interpretation errors and see that borehole position was incorrectly interpreted. As you know – throw-in a fault or mess with bedding dips and it is often possible to make an incorrect interpretation “fit”. For the record – We initially did not provide HSI with the 3D seismic data to help inform their interpretation – but, they always nailed it in some VERY complicated structures. Once we had confidence in their abilities interpreting in complex Marcellus structure we always provided them with screenshots of seismic sections and what we believed the dips/faults would be like. They really were just part of the geo-team and not just an outside contractor. I’m very glad to hear your company will be using them.”

– S, COG

“My experience with the LatNavNet (LNN) software has been extremely positive, as it provided a straight forward user-friendly interface for geosteering well-bore path interpretation work. I was able to correlate post-drilling data on my own for a complete well in just a few hours after having only a brief tutorial session. This was possible because the learning curve for acquiring a working knowledge of LNN’s functionalities was overcome within my first session of using it. The combination of the software’s well designed interface, and the well-versed support provided by HSI’s technical team afforded me the ability to attain this competence quickly and to accomplish my project goals with confidence, efficiency, and ease. I recommend LNN to any geologist that is looking for a functional, easily-mastered geosteering tool to assist in their geosteering operations.”

– GM, Endeavour International

“I like having the ability working up multiple interpretations on the fly, interpretations that might fly in the face of my initial bias. This has proved to be tremendously valuable. I like that LNN forces me to make correlations that otherwise I would simply overlook. You can correlate smaller markers and glean more stratigraphic detail.”

“I really like the cloud integration and ability to share work with other interpreters. Well done.”

“I would recommend LNN to others due the ability of working more efficiently and dynamically. The cloud based integration allows for teams to work seamlessly in the same office or around the world.”

– AN, Oasis

“I like the cloud based aspect of it so I can sign on at home without having to VPN to my office computer. It also greatly speeds up my interpretations compared to our Petra geo-steering model and gives me an extremely accurate depiction of our wellbores placement. I like the TSP view overall it really speeds up the interpretation , which is very important when you are geo-steering multiple wells at the same time.”

“It’s a great and efficient program for geo-steering multiple wells. It gives you extremely accurate interpretations with reports that can be generated on the fly. It is also very easy to hand off the well to another geologist.”

– NG, Oasis