Geosteering Services

Our geosteering services provide accurate wellbore positioning needed for landing and staying in the zone.  This includes dip rate, position of bit in the earth, position of bit in the stratigraphic section, and the location and throw of faults.  We provide comprehensive reports throughout the evaluation and interpretation process.

For companies with geo-navigation expertise on staff, we offer licensing of our proprietary geo-navigation software.

Geologic Consulting Services

Geosteering by Highly Experienced HSI Geosteering Professionals

Premier Geosteering Services (PGS): Senior Geologist-interpreter

TrueTime™ Geosteering (TTG) – Advanced 24/7 Geosteering Surveillance

HSI Geosteering Provides 6 service offerings:

  1. coach Premier Geosteering Service (PGS) – Our standard Premier Geosteering Service consists of up to three reports a day by a HSI Senior Geologist. Additional reports can be done upon request.
  2. casodex cost Premier TrueTime Geosteering (PTTG) – Provides geosteering support on shift-based personnel rotating every 12 hours. LWD data is QC’d every survey, along with monitoring of rig data via web portal feeds and other wellsite data with 24/7 communication and reporting protocols. It consist of up to four official reports a day by a Senior Geologist and unlimited QuickLook™ Reports by HSI’s TrueTime Geosteering Team (TTG). This service also includes free access to LNN geosteering software and support to our clients for their active wells*.
  3. show Active Guidance (AG) – may be added to any of the above Premier services. HSI’s senior consultant interacts directly with the Directional Driller to direct target line adjustments for landing and maximizing objective penetration. Unlimited reports are provided and this service may or may not include HSI’s TrueTime Geosteering Team for recommend TrueTime Active Guidance (TTAG) service levels. TTAG includes 24/7 monitoring as described above, as well as free access to LNN geosteering software and support*.
  4. revise climax spray buy online Post Drill Analysis (PD) – after a well has been drilled, a full TSP evaluation of wellbore position and time in zone for the lateral is offered.
    buy Premarin online canada *LNN Access – well set up and live access to HSI’s LatNavNet Geosteering software. Follow along with our interpreters in the curve and through the lateral to TD. Offered with HSI’s TTG-supported services (PTTG and TTAG only).

    buy neurontin paypal *TrueTime(TT) Provides geologists on shifts every 12 hrs. LWD data is QC’d every survey, monitoring of rig data via web portal feeds and other wellsite data with 24/7 communication.