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For active wells, Horizontal Solutions provides reports at least twice daily to ensure the most accurate geo-navigation. We can tailor your report schedule to fit your needs. In addition, your consulting geoscientist is available 24 hours a day to address needs as they arise. Keeping our eyes on your wellbore is one of the ways we keep you in the zone.

We also offer analyses of previously drilled wells. These reports provide an assessment of the formation dip rate changes and faults encountered by the wellbore as well as its stratigraphic position. Such reports help you analyze the performance of a well, identify additional targets, or evaluate acquisitions of property leases. They also help with the design of frac and other completion programs.

At the end of each well, we provide comprehensive final reports that identify the penetration points of formation tops, faults and their throw, as well as the stratigraphic path of the wellbore.

All consultant reports include:

The stratigraphic position log (TSP log) which translates the gamma ray data from the measured depth log (MWD data) to the wellbore’s true stratigraphic position at the location of the drill bit. By showing the current position of the drill bit relative to the target interval, this log documents changes in wellbore trajectory, formation dip changes, and faults in a convenient, cohesive format.

The wellbore plot is a cross section view that displays the wellbore path through the stratigraphic section. The plot shows key structural features such as formation dip rate changes and faults. Combined with the stratigraphic position log, the wellbore plot provides all the information critical to successful geo-navigation.