Who is Doing Your Steering?

In todays drilling industry – where “better/faster/smarter” is the standard and standard is not enough – HSI gives you a strategic advantage. Introducing LatNavNet: A geosteering software designed to maximize target zone penetration, speed drilling decisions, restrain drilling cost, and optimize completions. Updated Features and Functionality >>

HSI leverages LNN 4G software that enables asset teams to evaluate targeting, optimization, and generate well trajectories. LNN allows users to integrate geologic, topography, petrophysical, and engineering data to support workflows across geoscience and engineering disciplines. Collaboration, understanding, and ideas are improved through all facets of the project. Features found in LNN help the geosteerer to evaluate data and better support decisions for staying in zone to more effectively the reservoir with the optimum number of wellbores. HSI’s pre-well planning and optimization services can accelerate field, generate more efficient reservoir development plans, and lower costs.

LNN Features and Functionality

Robust, easy to use geosteering software

  • Geosteering software featuring a rich palette of powerful features and intuitive workflows that are easy to learn, allowing your team to streamline decisions and improve productivity
  • LatNavNet™ (LNN™ ) has been used by professional geosteering experts for over 20 years to commercially geosteer and report on more than 11,000 horizontal wells around the globe
  • Utilizes the latest MS Windows™ user interface and .NET technologies

Usability and reporting features second to none

  • blog link Proposed wellbore path and Misoprostol tablets 20 mcg no prescription australia Target Line Projections in graphical displays and reports
  • diamox canada Percent in zone can be calculated by selecting the start and end of formation intervals
  • Ability to customize color shading of zones, formations and target areas on cross sections
  • Automatically generated reports and easy-to-configure templates allow for complete customization
  • The ability to clone and share wells allows for multiple interpreters and various working interpretation scenarios
  • Standard reports feature both Vertical Section (VS) and Measured Depth (MD) cross-section views
  • Reports include scaling and labeling options with multiple graphs throughout
  • All reports include the wellbore’s True Stratigraphic Position (TSP) relative to a reference target marker
  • Reports also include apparent dip angles, fault identification, MD and TVD as the lateral is drilled
  • Streamlined workflows for quick interpretations and fast results with minimal effort

Cloud-based data management and security

  • QC and load data once for sharing across the entire operations team
  • Pull and share data directly from the cloud for fast and easy data access
  • Save and backup all data and interpretations in the cloud seamlessly
  • Administer well assignments, and re-assignments, while managing individual and shared wells
  • manage multiple interpretation versions across your team working from any location

Features and Functions

Robust, easy to use geosteering software.
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I recommend LNN to any geologist that is looking for a functional, easily-mastered geosteering tool.
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