HSI LatNavNet Geosteering Software

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Testimonials “I like having the ability working up multiple interpretations on the fly, interpretations that might fly in the face of my initial bias. This has proved to be tremendously valuable. I like that LNN forces me to make correlations that otherwise I would simply overlook. You can correlate smaller markers and glean more stratigraphic detail.”

proscar generic cost “I really like the cloud integration and ability to share work with other interpreters. Well done.”

“I would recommend LNN to others due the ability of working more efficiently and dynamically. The cloud based integration allows for teams to work seamlessly in the same office or around the world.”

– AN, Oasis

“I like the cloud based aspect of it so I can sign on at home without having to VPN to my office computer. It also greatly speeds up my interpretations compared to our Petra geo-steering model and gives me an extremely accurate depiction of our wellbores placement. I like the TSP view overall it really speeds up the interpretation , which is very important when you are geo-steering multiple wells at the same time.”

“It’s a great and efficient program for geo-steering multiple wells. It gives you extremely accurate interpretations with reports that can be generated on the fly. It is also very east to hand off the well to another geologist.”

– NG, Oasis

“My experience with the LatNavNet (LNN) software has been extremely positive, as it provided a straight forward user-friendly interface for geosteering well-bore path interpretation work. I was able to correlate post-drilling data on my own for a complete well in just a few hours after having only a brief tutorial session. This was possible because the learning curve for acquiring a working knowledge of LNN’s functionalities was overcome within my first session of using it. The combination of the software’s well designed interface, and the well-versed support provided by HSI’s technical team afforded me the ability to attain this competence quickly and to accomplish my project goals with confidence, efficiency, and ease. I recommend LNN to any geologist that is looking for a functional, easily-mastered geosteering tool to assist in their geosteering operations.”

– GM, Endeavour International

“Hi. all is well here…. have 6 wells successfully down and 5 to go. The average is 10,000 bopd. A bed boundary defining Resistivity tool is being used as well and in my opinion cannot add value to this operation where HSI’s software-Latnav does a very good job. I gave a talk on the subject of “Landing and Geo-steering Horizontal Wells” using Latnav to our new advisors technology transfer agenda and was well received.”

– S.M., Cairn