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Since 1994, HSI  has provided premier geosteering software and horizontal drilling consulting services proven to increase oil and gas production from horizontal drilling programs.  Methods developed by our geosteering experts can maximize the return on investment by delivering performance improvements through wellbore efficiency, reliability and safety.  HSI’s staff of seasoned professionals track stratigraphic position and steer to maximum pay, even in the most complex structural and stratigraphic settings.

HSI utilizes proprietary True Stratigraphic Position (TSP)  modeling to interpret horizontal data and provide accurate interpretations.  Employing web-enhanced LatNavNet (LNN) geosteering software and fundamental geologic interpretation techniques, HSI confidently guides wells to stay in the zone.  These quantitative results not only help boost production and revenue, but also save time and avoid costly errors. Get the most from your oil and gas well. Talk to The Geosteering Experts – HSI – (972) 416-1626

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